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Go green
RAUI magnifier
Ra’ui Marine Reserves

Ra’ui is our traditional way of protecting
and using the land and sea.

These are guidelines for a safe and enjoyable time at the beach and in the lagoon. more here...[Filesize: 700kb]

08 2015
Plastic Phantasic

Plastic Phantasic magnifier

" I can't change the world but i can try to make it a tiny bit better" thats my motto and thats what we teach.... the word has spread what we do and lots of locals now help us to protect our little paradise!! have fun reading more here [Filesize: 1.040mb]...

27 2015
Eco Warrior of the Cooks

Eco Warrior of the Cooks magnifier

i din't think that ever someone would call me ECO Warrior, but i quite like the idea... everyone who knows me knows that i am very passionate about our environment... always have been... but now we start to get everyone on the same page... i love to make this bags and wallets... thanks to my very good friend Lyn Hobbs who infected me with this virus and to Maitend Christiansen who was the first one on the island teaching the making of it... since then a whole year had gone bye and lots of people collect for me and help me to keep rarotonga clean... have fun with reading it... more here [Filesize: 0.472mb]...

17 2013
Lagoon Day 2013

Lagoon Day 2013 magnifier

What Now??

August 2012 Govt agreed, on our behalf, to protect over half of the Cook Islands by way of a Marine Park measuring 1 million square kms, one of the biggest in the world.

The majority of us now live in a conservation park.

So what does this mean to me/us in real terms? The agreement has been signed .... WHAT NOW?

"In the end, we will CONSERVE only what we LOVE, we will LOVE only what we
UNDERSTAND, and we will UNDERSTAND only what we are TAUGHT." Baba Dioum (1968)

So far Lagoon Day has focussed on human and nature's impact on the lagoon - from ridge to reef. Last year we took a glimpse further out to the sea. This year we are suggesting broadening public view even further to encompass our ocean, to see the interconnectivity between land, lagoon and ocean ecosystmes.

Perhaps some perceptions of the Cook Islands might need tweaking:

The Cook Islands is not 15 stars on a flag i.e. 15 islands. It is a huge body of ocean with islands scattered throughout.All of us are impacted by and impact our ocean.

To protect my home I will need to become more familliar with its working, needs, threats and so on. Make it a part of my family.
I must come to understand that I am inextricably tied into my marine environment. Whether at work, home or out and about I must consider how my actions and ways of thinking impact my surroundings.
If we come to understand our marine park better we will have a better idea of what measures are needed to protect it. Understanding will help us determine the repercussions of our actions and how we can lessen our negative impact.
So what do we need to know about our ocean to be able to make good decisions and actions? more here [Filesize: 0.782mb]...

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