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RAUI magnifier
Ra’ui Marine Reserves

Ra’ui is our traditional way of protecting
and using the land and sea.

These are guidelines for a safe and enjoyable time at the beach and in the lagoon. more here...[Filesize: 700kb]

30 2012
Fish feeding can harm the fish!

Fish feeding can harm the fish! magnifier

For a number of years, the generally tourism oriented practice of feeding bread to fish has caused concern amongst some operators on Rarotonga.

Fish are a popular supplement to tourism in many locations around the world, including temperate locations such as New Zealand and Europe as well as tropical destinations such as the South Pacific and the Maldives. please read the full article here.... more here [Filesize: 0.072mb]...

14 2012
Te Uki Ou School Kids learning more about their Environment!

Te Uki Ou School Kids learning more about their Environment! magnifier

Like every Year we have some school kids from the Te Uki Ou school here with us, learning about our environment. This year they had a special task too. Each child had a project. They had to choose a sea creature and write a report about it. So we had a full house. After an general introduction about our Island and habitat they had so many questions to ask.  We had a chance to talk more than an hour and no one seemed to get bored or lost their interest. It was so much fun to see the excitement of this kids. After our talk they finally had the chance to get into the water. All of them had their snorkelling gear with them and they walked over to the beach. The conditions were not perfect and they had to fight a little current but this couldn't hold them back. They all had so much fun and learned a lot. Everyone was excited to share their knowledge, even the parents had a great time and learned some new things. more here [Filesize: 0.619mb]...

27 2011
Rare giant octopus found by Nan Hauser and the Scuba Diver Girls

Rare giant octopus found by Nan Hauser and the Scuba Diver Girls magnifier

what a great discovery for Nan Hauser from Whale Research Centre and our guests - Stephanie and Margo from the Scuba Diver Girls where out on a trip to collect some skin samples when they found this great animal!!!! more here [Filesize: 0.239mb]...

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