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RAUI magnifier
Ra’ui Marine Reserves

Ra’ui is our traditional way of protecting
and using the land and sea.

These are guidelines for a safe and enjoyable time at the beach and in the lagoon. more here...[Filesize: 700kb]

27 2011
Rare giant octopus found by Nan Hauser and the Scuba Diver Girls

Rare giant octopus found by Nan Hauser and the Scuba Diver Girls magnifier

what a great discovery for Nan Hauser from Whale Research Centre and our guests - Stephanie and Margo from the Scuba Diver Girls where out on a trip to collect some skin samples when they found this great animal!!!! more here [Filesize: 0.239mb]...

09 2011
Clean up the World day rocked around Rarotonga!!!!!!

Clean up the World day rocked around Rarotonga!!!!!! magnifier

This annual Clean up day was concentrating on the land site of Rarotonga to prevent the rubbish going into the sea. Together with the Environmental Service, The Red Cross and Origin Cook Islands we organized this big event. Goal was to clean the whole island. So many schools, private groups and buisiness came together to participate in this event.

It was great to see so many people involved. Also it is good to see that all this initiatives work, because (for example) we cleaned all the way up to wigmores waterfall and surprisingly it looked good. of course we collected a fair amount of rubbish but nothing compare to the years before.

Thanks to all who helped us make this day a great success. more here [Filesize: 0.155mb]...

02 2011
Lagoon day raises awareness in Rarotonga

Lagoon day raises awareness in Rarotonga magnifier

This Year the Lagoon day was a great success. Hundreds of children learned about the role wetlands play in protecting our lagoon and marine life.

We had the pleasure to sponsor some prices for class competition -  this year we have for the winners a lagoon dive as price.
The Lagoon day is getting bigger and bigger every year which is great because it really raises the awareness of the protection of the lagoon. more here [Filesize: 0.185mb]...

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