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Latest News

31 2014
Jim Garin - well known macro underwater photographer visits the Big Fish


Jim Garin - Macro Underwater photographer from the United States.

we had the pleasure to have Jim here diving with us in November for nearly two weeks... when we first met i was talking about a flounder - and how hard it is to get a photo from the front of one. so jim went for his first dive into our shallow lagoon and came back with - of course -  the photo i was wanting for such a long time... and they kept coming... the photos are never good enough for him... but for me they are absolutley amazing.... his passion, calmness, patience is just mindblowing!

we had such a great time with him and he proofed so many people wrong - there are some people who think the cook islands (esp. rarotonga) are not a underwater photography destination - but we can be very proud of what we have... some very rare species and some even not catalogised. over the next couple of months jim is going to name all the fish he caught on macro lense so we can name them properly!!!

Also sascha learned so much from him and made for all the dives jim did with us... that he was the guide - that is very special - so enjoy the photos..

05 2013
Journalists, Marketing Managers, Wholesaler visits 2013

Clementine & Jesse September 2013 Journalist for Daily Life magnifier

This year we were so lucky to get chance to show so many Journalists, Travel agents, Marketing Managers our amazing Lagoon dive!!!

with the success from last year with our contract with Ominiche Holidays - we were focussing on this strategie and spread the word about our beautiful marine life.

thanks to cook island tourism who supported us again so much!!!

here are the ones!!

  • Journalist Clementine for Daily Life - New Zealand
  • Omniche Holidays - Australia
  • Creative Holidays
  • Journalist from Spain
  • Radar - TV presenter returnes for a holiday
  • Journalist Carly Flynn for womens weekly - New Zealand
  • Morris Murdock Travel - United states
  • PinPoint Travel Group - Australia
  • Creative Holidays - Australia
  • MTA Travel - Australia
  • Student Flights - Australia
  • Escape Travel - Australia
  • Travel Associates - Australia
  • House of Travel - New Zealand
  • Mondo Travel - New Zealand
  • Travel Nation - New Zealand
  • Go Pacific - Italy

but this weren't all of them !!!
this always helps us to show the world our beautiful island and ocean!!! thank you very much for having you.... The Team from The Big Fish

27 2013
Photo of the Month August 2013 by Gunther Kothen


MV Mataora  - North Rarotonga (21°12'04"S; 159°45'59"W)

The MV Mataora was an 299 ton outer island cargo vessel (44.25m) that was purposely sunk on the 11th December 1990. 
The intension was to create an artificial reef for divers in Rarotonga. Over the years and some severe tropical cyclones the wreck is quite broken up but the bow and stern are still recognisable today. We had Gunther and Karin from Auckland diving with us for a couple of days and this dive site was a favorite of them. Even that the wreck is 'wrecked' it is a really nice dive site and the photos Gunther took are really good - the clarity is signifficant. But most importantly - they became friends with Rob & Brendon from Auckland (returners since a couple of years) and that is what we really like! Thanks for choosing us for your dive holiday! we will see you again


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