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01 2013
Photo of the month June 2013 by Audrey Bourdon

an incredible school of barracudas showed up! magnifier

To be honest it is already a while since i got some photos from my guests :-) and had time to get a new Photo of the month online, but when i met Audrey and JB this was going to change..

They dived with us in June and the conditions on the southside where great to go diving there... the result you will see in the little photo slideshow..

Thanks Audrey and Jean-Baptiste for sharing your great photos with us!
All Photos are by ©The Dive Centre - Audrey Bourdon


12 2013
The first 'Underwater Wedding' with the Big Fish

Underwater Wedding from Deana & Dale magnifier

We are so proud - first we had 3 proposals under water and it was just a matter of time until someone was going to tie the knot with us underwater! We know Deana & Dale since last year when they checked out Rarotongas operators to find the perfect fit for there dive/wedding holiday: They ended up with us and i can tell you that we had a great time to get Deana & Dale to do their Advanced Course with us!!! but we didn't know what to expect! This wedding attracted even newspaper from overseas - so here is the article:

This is the original article from Ilona Hanne from the Stratford Press - New Zealand:

It probably shouldn't have been a surprise to the friends and family of Deana Nichols and Dale Scovell when they announced their plans to marry underwater.
After all, Dale had proposed in a similar manner.
Deana recalls: "We were diving on Cozumel Island ... We were 20 metres underwater when he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he started using made up sign language to tell me that he loved me. I took my regulator out to kiss him." she realised he was holding an engagement ring. She says, "I started swallowing water and choking, it was just such a shock." While she said/signed yes, she adds, "When we surfaced 20 minutes later, I made him say it again to make sure it was real."
Dale and Deana then mutually came up with the idea of actually "taking the plunge" underwater and booked themselves, and 50 guests, to fly to Rarotonga to marry and dive with the team at the Big Fish.
Sabine Janneck, who co-owns the Big Fish Dive Centre with her partner Sascha Schmitt, says when Dale and Deana called to book she originally thought "they were just planning to have a short dive on the day they get married". She adds that she and Sascha therefore just booked the dives for their group "and I organised a little function for them on Sunday because I knew that they won't have time on the actual wedding day".

Sabine says it was only once the couple arrived on the island that they told them they had bigger plans. "I said to Deana you have to tell us so we can be prepared, and that's when she told us the whole story with the wedding dress and everything."

Deana says her only regret for the day was that they didn't have a way to make the underwater ceremony legal, so had a second ceremony later that day. "Getting married underwater was so liberating, I didn't have to worry about hair or makeup or looking like a princess. It was a really genuine moment and a true celebration of our relationship without any of the superficial or commercial fuss.
"Our wedding dive was the most wonderful, stress-free and meaningful morning of our lives.
"It was actually about Dale and I and no one else, which was what we'd wanted."
The couple are now back on dry land at home in Brisbane, but with amazing memories of a very special day, complete with a few extra guests.

"We had a special guest at the wedding, a giant blue triggerfish."

19 2012
Fun Travel TV Australia featuring The Big Fish

Diane & Ben with Sascha & Sabine magnifier

Into the Water & Beyond this is the title of the TV production we had the honor to host last month here with the Big Fish.
This travel series' main focus are the adventure travelers, water enthusiasts and active travellers who are interested in fun outdoor activities. Also couples/friends & families who like to enjoy fun and new experiences together. They filmed a 25 minute episode of the Cook Islands with focus on water activities. This production will be published on cable television Aurora in Australia.

Producer and Presenter from Fun Travel TV Diane Costa and Ben Andryc spend a couple of days diving and filming with us. They wanted to see the whole picture of our services so they started with a lagoon intro dive. Michelle & Ian did their intro dive on this day with us and they loved to be a part of this filming. After the lagoon dive Ben went on a private dive with Sascha on the north side of the island where Ben got some very nice footage. After a very busy day diving we then took them to the Manuia Beach Resort to show them one of our pool try out sessions and finished our day with a cocktail on the beach and a beautiful sunset. Then on Wednesday they Diane & Ben dived again with us, we had the chance to show them the other side of the island - the south.

Unfortunately we had to say way to early good by but they promised us to be back!!!! we will count on that!.

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