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Latest News

12 2012
Shark Week and awesome guests!!!!

Shark Week!!!!!! in Rarotonga magnifier

We are such a lucky dive shop!! This winter so far is amazing, lots of whales, lots of sharks and the most awesome guest a shop can hope for.

Lets just name a few, because other wise this article wouldn't end!! in June we had a group of young travellers stop by at our shop just asking for some reef shoes. Let me tell you, in the end they didn't by any reef shoes but Amely, Alex, Johannes and Raphael started their stay here with a lagoon dive. not even two days later their open water course and that was it when Alex and Amely fall in love with our Island and The Big Fish... after two weeks relaxing in Rarotonga they decided to extend their stay and do their advanced course with us, even Johannes stayed. Only Raphael continues his trip.. but they had not enough and in the end they stayed here for nearly 2 months... being at our shop every day and enjoying the diving so much... Alex and Amely even helped us as "victims" with our dive master trainee Ben. They certainly didn't plan this but they are already feel home sick to Rarotonga and maybe one day the will be back!!!

This Year is the year of our returners and guest who were send by others who dived with us previously. Especially from Wellington we have so many guests!!!! Jimbo is coming back and also our good friend Andy.

Also Bob Reynolds came again diving with us and finally got his son Grant into doing his open water course with us. It was a dream for him to dive one day with his son together...
Pete Close who returns every year once or twice (he made it into our news with his tattoo).

Then we have Sue & Rich... they are diving with us every Year since 2009 when they did their Open Water Course with us... they went all the way up to Rescue Diver and a couple of different speciality courses and this year Rich was going to do his Dive Master with us... he did something very funny! the new DM packages come with a decal which has to be send to padi with the paper work when someone finished his course. Rich got the materials directly and really liked the decal so much (actually he thought it is just a sticker) that he stuck it on his car!!! so we hope when they are back that the sticker is still there !!!!
Some of our other regulars will remember Rich as one of the three guests of the Big Fish who do have our Logo as a tattoo. Plan was that they would be in Raro for 5-6 weeks but unfortunately they had an emergency call from home so they had to cut their holiday short. On the other hand they will be back next year - and we are looking forward to have them back.

We are incredible lucky to have the most amazing guests of all dive centers here in Rarotonga!!! Students or certified divers, doesn't matter... Heather broke the record from Celine from last year... Heather got certified with us end of June 2012 and returned not even 4 weeks later with Kane (also a student of ours)!!!! They really wanted to see a whale but had no luck... but they saw 4 Hammer Head Sharks and this started our amazing SHARK WEEK.... it is getting more and more... the whole week we had already great conditions with a couple of whales and then the last couple of days.... from 14 sharks (white tip and grey reef sharks) to 22 sharks up to over 30 sharks yesterday!!!!! not to forget the huge school of parrot fish, turtles and eagle rays... we are very very lucky....

A huge meitaki ma`ata to all our amazing guests!!!!!!

09 2012
Photo of the Month June 2012 by Graham Christmas

just one word for this AMAZING - Shark with remora sucker fish. magnifier

This month we had Tessa & Graham for a dive package here with us at the big fish. Both dive instructors and very experienced. When they arrived the first day we could see Grahams passion for underwater photographie!!. Indeed he has a quite big camera (Canon) kind of a same as wayne had who won the april competition but it is very much worth it. We had a few guests competing for the photo of the month in june but when i saw the photo from graham with the moray eel and sascha in the back ground my mind was set. Later i saw his other photos on his facebook page and i had to change my mind. This is the reason why we have the photo of the shark choosen for this photo of the month.

If you are interested to have a look at his other work here is the link.

08 2012
US travel agents and wholesalers exploring our marine reserve

the us group is ready to do the lagoon dive magnifier

As a part of a Cook Island Tourism famil, we had in the last two weeks 3 groups of travel agents and wholesalers diving with us here at the Big Fish. From Canada there were Patrick Giguere (Voyages Constellation) and Josee Casavant (Boomerang Tours) both certified divers and very keen to dive in Rarotonga. Also a lovely group from Sears Travel Service had a chance to enjoy our lagoon dive. Then yesterday the US group with Julie Garcia (Peak Travel Group), Kate Lawry (Down Under Answers), Kelly Hoban (our birthday girl!) & Marisa Costa (Stella Travel), Cathy Bay (All About Tours). They had so much fun, snorkeling and diving... It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to show these guests what Rarotonga has to offer. We are looking forward to a great realation ship with all of them.!!!!

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