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Rarotonga (meaning 'down south') is the capital of the Cook Islands at 20 miles/32 km in circumference and is the most likely island to visit if you intend to dive in the archipelago. Its interior is virtually unpopulated and the edges of the island are fringed by sandy white beaches and coral reefs.

Rarotonga offers everything that you'd expect of a perfect tropical vacation. Wonderful sandy beaches, mountains, and rain forests where the gentle rhythmn of the coconut palms swaying in the tradewinds will soothe your soul. Not to mention the hospitality of the Polynesian people who are genuinely warm and friendly and live life at a gentle, easy pace.

Rarotonga Market







There are a lot of things to do, but most of our guests come to Rarotonga to relax, and enjoy themselves.

If you need any advice where to go or what to do, please feel free to have a chat to us.
Either if it's a cross island walk with "Pa's Tours" or a nice evening in the "Antipodes" we can point you in the right direction.

A credit goes to Ti a local Tattoo artist who has designed some of the background element.


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