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Dive Trips

You will be taken to the best sites of the day !!!

Here in the Cook Islands, we are used to do two tank dive trips twice a day (morning - 8am and afternoon - 12.15pm - the afternoon is usually reserved for beginner dives).
The Dive Centre will show you as many different dive sites as possible.

Diver at Edna's Anchor by Robin Smith Because we have our boats on trailers we can easily access all four launch spots here Rarotonga at any time.
One at Avatiu at the main harbour on the north where we moore our big boat, one at Avana Passage on the east, one on the west side in Arorangi.

This choice means you have short boat trips to your dive sites. We always take advantage of over 20 dive sites around the island and avoid the rough sea conditions on the windward side.

All our boats are equipped with VHF radio, mobile phone, first aid kit and emergency oxygen.
The boats are manned for your safety and convenience during all dives.

The Big Fish only take small groups (max. 6 divers per guide) - with us you will enjoy no unnecessary limited dive times. Dive times are restricted by your air consumption and no decompression limits - means 50bar  or 60 min on the first dive and 50bar and 50min on the second.

Diving is done at 5 to 25m where visibility is 20 to 60m (65 - 200 feet) depending on weather and wind conditions. Usual water temperatures range between 22 - 28 celsius (winter to summer).

Mataora Wreck by Robin Smith Weather conditions can change overnight. We choose the best site on the day with customers interests and experience in mind. Sometimes we have a choice of the whole island. During the summer months it's more likely that we dive on the south side, while in winter time the north and west side of the island have the calmer conditions.

We very rarely have to cancel due to the option of four launch spots. If conditions are unsafe or unfavourable to dive, we will let our customers know.

Price for a two tank dive: $NZ 172.00 p/p (this includes full equipment & 10% off for cash payment). Dive packages and group discounts are available.
It is recommended to reserve a spot on the boat in advance.
To enquire please send us an email and we will quote you individually and might have a special running.

Night Diving

Night dive by Katherine Ross

Is another dimension to the underwater world of Rarotonga.
We do trips to a few of our tranquil sites on the north side of the island or explore the amazing SS MaiTai ship wreck with it's local inhabitants.

If you are interested in doing a night dive let us know in advance, because we need a min. of 2 guests.


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