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Discover Lagoon Dives

Lagoon dive
Dive in 1-3 meters in the fish filled sheltered marine reserve for approximately 40-50 minutes.
You will receive an introductory lesson (how to use your equipment) from one of our experienced professionals here in our dive centre. You will learn how to communicate under water, then be kitted out with scuba gear and walk into the lagoon for a safe entry to the underwater world.

Aroa Marine Reserve also has some of the best coral on the island and you will see a huge variety of tropical fish-up close and personal.

After your first breath under water, we swim out to the reef where you will be on one of the best spots on the island. There you will have 45-50 minutes just to relax, watch and get comfortable with your equipment….

If you love this, your instructor will ask you if you want to do a dive of the boat. Then you have to do some skills to be prepared for deeper water.

No experience needed!

Have a look at our Lagoon video here on YouTube to get an idea of what you can expect.
Price for a Lagoon dive is  $ 100.00 NZ dollars p/p (including all equipment + 10% off for cashpayments).


This is also a popular choice for certified divers who have not dived in a long time and wish to refresh their skills.


If its been a while since you last used your scuba gear, you may want to refresh your skills before going out for a boat dive.

With an instructor or divemaster, you will become familiar with the equipment, assembly/disassembly, buoyancy control, swimming with scuba gear and some skills like recovering the regulator, clearing a mask etc. We will take you out on a shallow Lagoon dive in easy conditions.

No doubt you will become comfortable again and be ready for a boat dive.
Price for a refresher dive is  $ 100.00 NZ dollars p/p (including all equipment + 10% off for cashpayments).


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