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Meet the Team

Tom started his first job as instructor here with us, originally from Edinborgh, Scotland he has a background in marine conservation. In within 4 weeks of being here he earned the new postion as senior Instructor.

Max is from Santa Monica and has been diving since 2007 and is in the middle of a year long trip exploring and instructing around the world.

Meet Stacy: After years of traveling and teaching English, Stacy has finally taken the next step to becoming a dive instructor. She is the newest member of our team.

Oscar came to us last year to do his dive master internship. His background is ocean sience but now he loves to be a divemaster and extended his stay in rarotonga to get more experience.

Patch the mascot
Patch, our mascot, is the most adored one here in our shop. He adopted us in 2007 as a puppy and since then he is a big part of our team and everyone loves him. He is in charge to keep an eye at the shop but most of the time he is sleeping, playing, eating bananas or having a "drink" after work. He has his own photo gallery.

Sabine, from Germany, is a qualified Padi Divemaster and as owner of The Dive Centre she runs the office. In her former life she worked in the film industry in Germany and her passion is underwater photography and marine conservation/education. Her life changed in 2003, when she learned to dive in Mexico, while on holiday, where she met her partner, Sascha.

Sascha, also from Germany, has been diving since 1995. As owner he is senior instructor and in charge of the diving & maintenance part of their business. He was a shop designer before becoming an instructor in Mexico. After they lived there for two years they traveled to many countries until they found their home in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. He loves his collection of old glass bottles (all found here in the water).


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